How PUMA can work for you

Designed by Prism Engineering, PUMA (Prism Utility Monitoring & Analysis) is an energy management software tool that helps you achieve your energy management goals. All of PUMAs features are designed to provide you with the information you need to accurately monitor your energy use, set achievable targets and easily and effectively report on the results. For more information, download the PUMA Overview PDF.


Manage 1 meter or 10,000 metersPrism clients

PUMA is an on-demand, software-as-a-service program that allows you to track your electrical, gas, fuel and water utilities and manage your greenhouse gas emissions. The software is hosted on our web servers and therefore no installation or programming is necessary - all you need is an internet connection.


Track your savingsPUMA screen shots

With our PUMA software you can track savings effectively through weather normalization, baseline adjustments, regression modeling, energy, emissions and cumulative sum reports. Compare utility consumption and emissions across multiple facilities, consolidate several utility accounts at once or create graphs that display actual consumption trends.


Government recommended softwareGovernment approved software that's easy to use

PUMA software has been approved by the government of British Columbia’s Ministry of Citizens’ Services (Purchasing Services Branch) as a pre-qualified supplier of Utility Data Management Services. . The PUMA software system features a SMARTTool upload to easily fulfill Government regulatory requirements for Public Sector Organizations.


Prism feedback loopSave between 4% and 6% on your utility costs

Clear customized reports, combined with customer support from industry experts makes it easy to identify opportunities to save energy. PUMA provides you with the energy information you need you identify cost savings, reduce emissions and correct problems before they get too big. Several PUMA users have identified sufficient savings in their first months of using the program to cover the cost of the software for the entire year.


Prism EngineeringBuilt and supported by a trusted engineering firm

PUMA is supported by the extensive know-how of Prism Engineering, a company with over 20 years of experience in energy management and utility accounting (including CUSUM analysis). Knowledgeable staff are available to ensure that you can maximize your energy savings and provide you with excellent customer service that you can count on.


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Our hassle free setup includes baseline creation, utility bill consolidation and data input. We provide live training on the tool and ongoing technical support. Let us show you how easy energy monitoring, tracking and reporting can be.

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MT&R in Industry

Monitoring, targeting & reporting (MT&R) is a useful tool to not only track energy use, but also to control it. It turns data on energy use into useful information that can lead to significant energy and cost savings.

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MT&R in Industry

M&T is a useful tool to not only track energy use but also to control it. It turns data on energy use into useful information and can lead to significant energy and cost savings.

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Client Testimonials

Chad Dalrymple, Energy Manager for School District 68 in Nanaimo remarked on how little time he spends confirming that his data is accurate – compared to his previous experience with Utility Manager where he estimated he would spend 50% of his time on the system verifying if he could trust the data.  Over the course of 4 years he had to train 4 people on Utility Manager and the process of accurately reading bills to ensure consistent data.  With PUMA he has experienced no such difficulties and regards the ability to trust his data as one of the key benefits of using PUMA in his every day work.


When a new smart-meter was installed incorrectly at one of West Vancouver School District’s secondary schools - resulting in data loss for several months, the PUMA team notified the district of the issue early on.  When the problem was corrected and revised figures were issued the PUMA team had already updated the system before the district thought to ask.  The Secretary-Treasurer of the school district, Julia Leiterman was soundly impressed and expressed her sincere thanks.


As part of the initial setup for School District 41 Burnaby Schools, Prism obtained a complete account history statement for the water accounts from the City of Burnaby to that included the actual fees paid for each month – depending on whether early payment discounts were applied.  This resulted in more precise costs than were captured in their previous system ‘Utility Manager’, and their Energy Manager – Josh Munro was duly impressed with the results.