Software Features

 PUMA interface

Robust, cost effective and easy to use.

Prism Engineering designed PUMA to provide our clients with a tool that enables them to reach their energy management goals. For more information download an Overview of PUMA's online system or contact us to receive a free system demo.


New Feature: Benchmarking

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager provides benchmarking tools to help organizations compare energy and water consumption of their buildings to similar representative buildings from across Canada. As one of only a few SPP (Service & Product Providers) registered in Canada Prism and PUMA integrate with Portfolio Manager to make Portfolio Manager Setup easy and keep data up to date into the future.


New Feature: Automated Data Collection

PUMA can connect to electrical, gas, and other submeters from select submetering data providers and automatically update consumption information on a daily basis.  Contact us for more details on this exciting new feature.

Customer Service

BC Energy Management Professionals at your Service

Our customer support is what sets us apart. Sign up for PUMA and you will receive regular feedback from one of our Energy Engineers. You can request customized reports, access our technical support or request new features for the software. PUMA customer support will also follow up with you whenever there is a software update and will take the time to train you on the new features. We host regular webinars as well as annual training workshops in the Greater Vancouver area.

Utility Tracking

Utility Tracking

PUMA tracks electricity, gas, steam, propane, oil, district heat, and water consumption. The software can also be customized to track other commodities such as garbage, paper and fleet fuel consumption. Tracking focuses on value of consumption, period of consumption, and cost associate with consumption. All information associated with the utility meter such as account number, premise ID, utility provider, utility rate, meter name, physical location of meter and billing address are also tracked. PUMA is capable of flagging estimated values on billing records, and provides a notes field for each record. Billing details such as electrical demand, power factor, load factor and costs associated with these items can also be tracked with PUMA.

Emissions Tracking

Emissions Tracking

Each utility type has a customizable greenhouse gas (GHG) factor assigned to it for GHG tracking and reporting purposes. Because GHG emission factors can change from one year to the next, all GHG factors on PUMA are tracked with an effective date which, allows us to update the numbers as more accurate values become available.



In consultation with you, PUMA's energy engineers will assess the most appropriate baseline for each of your utility meters. Baselines are chosen using regression analysis and weather correlation. Cumulative sum (CUSUM) graphs will help you identify the best performance potential of each utility meter.

Weather correction helps increase accuracy of consumption and savings patterns. Therefore PUMA's weather data is automatically updated every month. PUMA provides visually appealing cumulative sum graphs that display actual consumption trends as well as baseline settings, thus making it easier to identify changes. Billing data is also normalized into calendar months in order to produce the most accurate consolidation and aggregation of data for abstract reporting.



PUMA features an easy-to-use, configurable dashboard for a quick overview of various reports. PUMA export reports in the following formats: PDF, Excel, HTML and XML. All of our reports will be customized with your company's logo. Our software provides performance reports that are customizable by every reporting parameter as well as savings reports that are weather corrected and represent a comparison of current consumption against the baseline. Administrative reports provide information on latest data reading date, greenhouse gas emissions factors, baseline period analysis, baseline period summary and SMARTTool Upload. All savings reports are available in units of consumption, percentage, and cost.


Comprehensive Setup

Hassle free & comprehensive setup includes baseline creation, utility bill consolidation, data input, and assignment of accounts to sites. We will set up each of your facilities as a unique site and will select the most appropriate weather station for each facility. You can select the activation and deactivation dates for every building and can choose to split your meter’s consumption among multiple buildings. PUMA has the capabilities to assign sub-meters and virtual meters and can easily group your sites and meters for customized reporting.



PUMA's dashboard gives you quick access to your facilities’ utility and metering data. The dashboard is customizable and helps you get a grip on energy costs, manage your utilities and GHG emissions, as well as, make informed energy management decisions.

Data Input

Data Input

Utility data can be entered directly by PUMA clients or PUMA staff can provide this service. Automated import routines can help streamline this task. PUMA also has the capability to automatically import meter history from utilities’ standard files.

Quality Assurance

Quality Control

Rest assured with PUMA's quality assurance. PUMA has automated quality assurance/control reports utilized for identifying irregularities in your data. They include: meters that are unassigned to a site or building, incorrect consumption or cost entry, inconsistent meter readings such as data gaps or overlaps, zero consumption or incorrect entry, changes to baseline data, gaps in weather data and meters with no assigned base periods.

Sub Metering

Sub-metering & Building Area

PUMA has built-in support for handling sub-meters. Sub-meters are tracked against a billing meter. PUMA can also track buiding area and changes to building area over time.

With some submetering providers, PUMA can connect and collect daily consumption values and automatically update them. Contact us for details.

Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory Reporting

For public sector organizations that need to fulfill government regulatory requirements, PUMA is equipped with automated SMARTTool Upload capabilities. Using your utility data, SMARTTool Upload can generate a SMARTLoad file in MS Excel format for any specified period.

Prism Engineering and PUMA have been placed on the Province of British Columbia's List of Qualified Suppliers for Utility Data Management Services. 

Security Information Sharing

Security & Information Sharing

Your data is secure with PUMA. PUMA’s underlying database is an SQL Server database with robust security and extensive scalability. PUMA’s online reporting interface is SSL encrypted and user account passwords are hashed for maximum security. PUMA’s sophisticated permission system is flexible and accommodates multiple login accounts for the same client with customizable permission levels. This allow you to share results of your energy management savings with other stakeholders in your organization without giving them full access to the account.

Customer Service

Recent Power Features Added:

Multivariable Analysis: Energy consumption is often influenced by a variety of factors. PUMA can determine the simultaneous effects of several factors on energy consumption, such as production, occupancy or weather.  

Assess Energy Use Against Customized Targets: User defined targets can be set based on fixed percentages, periods of best performance, with or without adjustments for the effects of weather. You can more easily monitor your progress towards your energy management goals.

Activation and Deactivation Dates: For better accounting and data control, PUMA can assign activation and deactivation dates to every to site, buildings - including the floor areas of bulidings - and meters.