Key sector benefits

PUMA clients

Public Sector Benefits

Easily Fulfill Reporting Requirements

  • PUMA's automated SMARTTool Upload capabilities makes it easy to fulfill Greenhouse Gas Reduction legislation, which requires all public sector organizations to report on their GHG emissions.
  • Prism Engineering and PUMA have been placed on the Province of British Columbia's List of Qualified Suppliers for Utility Data Management Services.

Private Sector Benefits

Show your Commitment to Sustainability

  • Demonstrate your company's commitment to reducing energy waste and taking action on environmental sustainability issues.
  • Use PUMA to measure your GHG emissions and purchase accurate GHG emission offsets.
  • Improve lease-ability of tenant space.

Benefits for all Organizations

Compare Your Facilities’ Efficiency

  • Compare the energy performance of similar facilities' in your portfolio and identify lower-cost improvements and energy management strategies for buildings that are operating inefficiently.

Prioritize Your Capital Projects

  • When planning plan capital upgrades and improvements, use PUMA to identify inefficient facilities and big opportunities for energy savings.

Provide Feedback & Motivate Change

  • Encourage energy-efficient attitudes and actions in the workplace by reporting on utility usage targets and successes.

Budget Utility Consumption More Accurately

  • Have a clear understanding of facility energy costs and trend the information on a monthly basis.

Become Eligible for Recognition Awards

  • Produce documented proof of energy savings and GHG emissions reductions for submittal for Recognition Awards to associations and regulatory bodies.

Track Savings Effectively & Share Results

  • Help stakeholders make better future financial decisions by providing weather-adjusted savings estimates and compelling energy data.

Tenant Billing/Sub-meter Reconciliation/Bill Verification

  • Identify utility-provider billing errors and ensure tenants are charged fairly for utility usage.
Case Studies 

BC Housing

BC Housing

PUMA helped this crown corporation track GHG emissions at over 400 housing sites to honour its environmental commitments to future generations.

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Department of Fisheries & Oceans

Department of Fisheries & Oceans

PUMA offered an invaluable energy-tracking tool to this federal department entrusted with protecting West Coast marine resources.

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